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30 January 2012

cleaning time

I am busy cleaning up some of the many places our information lives here on the internet. So I have removed most of the family galleries from most websites except my Facebook page.
So if you are a "friend", you can go there and see the millions of pictures I have added over the years.

If not, feel free to read a bit about us here; and know that you may, just possibly, be a stalker :-)

So, the gallery has been updated to contain the amazing roscoedude instagram feed in a really nice Flickr slideshow. You should go and check it out.

Cheers for now - Ross

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12 October 2010 [Update 2 September 2011]

a little more tinkering...

These are pictures taken with instagram for the iPhone.

Just dropped by to say hello...

  • Hello.

  • That was easy.

    While I was here, I neatened up a few items, dropped in a new Gallery page and added more pictures there. It's an embedded link to our Picasa page, so instead of multi-uploading, we all focus on the same things.

    All good then.

    The old albums are still online and the link is under the new stuff.

    See you again sometime,

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