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30 January 2012

cleaning time

I am busy cleaning up some of the many places our information lives here on the internet. So I have removed most of the family galleries from most websites except my Facebook page.
So if you are a "friend", you can go there and see the millions of pictures I have added over the years.

If not, feel free to read a bit about us here; and know that you may, just possibly, be a stalker :-)

So, the gallery has been updated to contain the amazing roscoedude instagram feed in a really nice Flickr slideshow. You should go and check it out.

Cheers for now - Ross

my tweets!

12 October 2010 [Update 2 September 2011]

a little more tinkering...

These are pictures taken with instagram for the iPhone.

Just dropped by to say hello...

  • Hello.

  • That was easy.

    While I was here, I neatened up a few items, dropped in a new Gallery page and added more pictures there. It's an embedded link to our Picasa page, so instead of multi-uploading, we all focus on the same things.

    All good then.

    The old albums are still online and the link is under the new stuff.

    See you again sometime,

    28 April 2010

    woah... it has been a while...

    Well um... what can I say? It has been an extrodinarily long time since I dropped by. It's an amazing thing the internet, no sooner than you have your own little plot in the interwebs, a whole bunch of alternatives open their doors for you. Having never thought of myself as the social network type a few years back, I now find myself on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Google. The only place I can't be found seems to be here, at home. Oh well... here's a summary of what's been up:

  • Went and had another child. Freaked us out before, but he's been a real joy. Welcome Luke, best get your gloves on soon!
  • Work has been very exciting and busy. Been working on some Microsoft software, our security product, FiveBarGate, which is taking off nicely, and a new top secret project underway for launch later this year :-)
  • Safe2Grow received a new design. it will change again once someone with an ounce of design ability is let loose thereon, i.e. NOT me :-)
  • BionicFund received a new format and design. The twins rode an amazing race and were unfortunate not to finish as a team due to Stuart having broken his collar bone on the second last day, at which time they were sitting 30th overall. Please take a visit to the site, see how they did, and see if you can donate to the ODF, or to sign up as an organ donor.
  • Life. Life is busy, which is good, else we get bored.

  • Find me on one of the spaces listed above and you may get some glimpses as to what I'm up to in various areas.

    Till the next one,

    oh, and I'll add some pictures of Luke asap. Like within 2 years :-)

    10 December 2008

    bioNIC Fund

    Something different and important for this update. My cousin's Bruce and Stuart Anderson are looking to raise awareness, and funds, for the Organ Donor Foundation. Please take a moment to read their story and visit their site.


    "In July 2008 our friend Nic had an emergency heart transplant.
    It was successful and his body accepted the new heart. We dubbed him bioNic after
    the transplant. Unfortunately there were other complications which tragically led to
    his untimely passing. Nic was 29. His new heart was fine.

    Nicís amazing spiritual and positive outlook on life and how much he loved his wife
    and cared for all his friends and family left an impression on all of us. It seems
    fitting that we honour and remember him by establishing The bioNIC Fund.

    We want to raise as much money as we can for
    The Organ Donor Foundationís (ODF) Flight for life Programme through our
    participation in the 2009 Cape Epic marathon mountain bike stage race.
    Itís 8 crazy days of 750kms with16 500m of climbing.
    The race is highly competitive and physically taxing, with up to 10 of the past
    and current World Cup champions competing.

    Itís quite simple.
    Weíre looking for donations per kilometer or a flat donation.

    Weíd like to further challenge everyone to commit to a bonus donation
    if we achieve a top 30 overall position (phew).
    This can easily be done on a pledge done via email.

    Any donation will help large or small. Individual or corporate.

    All donations should be done directly to the ODF and referenced as Bionic Fund
    If you donít have the means to donate money, give life and become an organ donor

    So dig deep, We know we are going to have to during the Epic."

    Bruce and Stuart Anderson
    Team Twin

    23 May 2008


    Yes yes... I actually rebuilt the website. From scratch! It may not look too different, but the code is better and it should look consistant regardless of what system you use. Let me know if you find any bugs or missing pages.

    On that, the Pictures gallery is bigger and better than ever, so expect to see more there soon.

    New Photo Album.
    new photo pages

    So, if being back to work wasn't enough for her, Vanessa has also started a new venture, Safe2Grow. An infant and child CPR training course aimed at parents and childcare providers. Starting this month with private courses as well as training Medi-Clinic non-medical staff, I'm certain that this is going to be an exciting process.

    Have a look at the website for more info [still being constructed so check back often!]

    Love your hair, hope you win - Ross.

    28 January 2008

    right... we have a website!

    moan moan moan... yes I'm aware that I don't do this much anymore, but just to keep everyone happy, here's an update to the Picasa Web Album of our boys. For the rest of you, there's loads more on Facebook. later - R

    Picasa Web Album.

    01 February 2007

    Busy like bees that are busy and stuff...

    OK. So doing a website actually takes time, which I don't have right now. Sooooo.... I've used Google's awesome Picasa and uploaded a ton of pics to our web albums. You can see them here:

    Picasa Web Album.

    22 September 2006

    molding a generation, 1 year at a time!

    James is already 1. Can you believe it?.

    Number 1!

    Our website rendered as a cool graph.

    1 August 2006

    Sleep is for the weak!

    Vanessa and I have had to learn to survive on a shorter, and more interrupted, sleep pattern than we were used to. James is not a big fan of sleeping, because seriously, there's SOOOO much more to do when awake and crawling around the place. I mean there's cats to play with, chairs to move, peanut butter toast to eat, tables and guitar amps to climb up, pens to steal, cupboards to open, and close, and open, and close, and open... You get the idea?

    Don't misunderstand me, this is all pure joy to observe and be a part of. Watching James grow and learn is possibly the most amazing thing ever. Ever! Looking back at older pictures and videos remind us how far he's come in only 11 months. He even said his first word last week. His nanny's name, Barbara! Yay mom and dad!.

    James, you are a never ending bundle of energy. I reckon if we time it right, you can do your siblings night feeds and nappy changes because, hey, you'll be up anywayz!

    Pictures page.

    17 May 2006

    why there have been no updates:

    26 January 2006

    Ya Ya... I Know!

    It has been WAAAY too long since the last update, but I do have a valid excuse. I do I have a 5 month old son and a house that is only being completed this week.
    It's been, shall I say, a tad busy...

    Anywayz... here's some updates on the pictures front.

    Pictures page.
    The band is going well, we're Cape Town's hottest thing after all! Check us out at the Shy Guevaras homepage.
    The next gig is on the 10th of February @ Zula Bar in Long Street. See you there!

    13 October 2005

    Picture update

    Just some picture updates of little James, and our house that is rapidly heading toward completion.

    Pictures page.

    22 September 2005

    Shy Guevaras

    COWBELL anyone?
    Please right click and "save as" and don't stream from my site. ta!

    bla bla bla... joined a band. Did an awesome first gig. People digged us, egos inflated! It's all GOOD.
    Some images here.

    Pictures page.

    18 September 2005

    it's a good day!

    Today Vanessa and I have been together for 9 years! Not bad going, and a great way to celebrate [having a child and a new home!]
    James' world is over here.

    Pictures page.

    05 September 2005

    James Lliam John Pickford is born!

    Pictures are over here.

    Pictures page.

    09 August 2005

    progress on all fronts

    baby and house are both growing at amazing rates. Baby progress over here, and House progress over here.

    Pictures page.

    18-July 2005


    what a year! It's been exciting, but really exhausting. The house is underway and going really well. Big up to Brice Construction: you guys rule!
    Added a page dedicated to the "bean" who's due in just over 6 weeks over here, which is, and will be, the authoritative home of all that is Little Pickford.

    house building pictures are here or via the pictures page.



    easiest thing. Just pop over to the PICTURES page.

    15-April 2005

    site cleanup and update

    spent a bit of time cleaning up behind the scenes. Hopefully won't affect anything. Added a new page called Fun Stuff which is, and will grow further towards, a place to do something rather mindless, but fun.

    Took off the link to the Jokes page. still there, if you can find it...

    Baby video is still here, and now working!

    Right-Click here to download
    Please right-click and chose "Save Target As"

    new pictures are here and here.

    06-April 2005

    scan video and picture updates

    had requests for this, so heres a short clip from our 15 week scan. [Thanks to Flat Stanley for singing along!] It's just over 5meg to download, and if it wont play on your system, you'll need to download & install this.

    Right-Click here to download
    Please right-click and chose "Save Target As"
    [I'm not Mac savvy so do the appropriate thing if you're not driving a PC]

    new pictures are here and here.
    Pictures homepage is here.

    05-April 2005

    cool picture

    one dark & overcast night while on holiday in Knysna I took this picture of the view with a full moon. Then took the same basic shot and set the shutter speed to 15 seconds and the second picture was the result. One of my favourite pics!
    normal view with shutter open for 15 seconds

    General pictures page is here.

    08-March 2005

    baby update

    baba is now almost 14 weeks. Last scan:
    More to come.

    General pictures page is here.

    02-February 2005

    a new year with lots of new things!

    Goodness! Talk about new things. So far this year this is the score:
    1 x Baby on the way!, 1 x House due to be built (same due dates!!), some holidays if possible, lots of work, studies etc etc... Gonna be a big one!
    Gary and Grets, Evan & Kerryn & Duncan and Megs got married, Turtle found her man(!), Ray and Nikki have had a baby (welcome Jenna!), and Bev & Pete got engaged. Shows what happens when you neglect your website! I'll attempt to add more pictures and info in the coming weeks (yes Gary...)

    Pictures page is still here.

    16-September 2004

    a short break and back to the mayhem!

    we took our annual holiday to Mauritius this year (with a brief stopover weekend in JHB). We had a really relaxing time, but as usual, was way too short. Now a fading memory, we find ourselves packing everything up and moving home. We'll be renting for the next 8 months or so while we proceed with our plans to build a new home in 2005.
    New Pictures page and some fixed up links.
    Holiday pics are HERE.

    08-Aug 2004

    Gave up the design, but we're still here!

    Clearly not my best work, but after getting rather iritated trying to think of something new, I played with what was here.
    SO... some updates, some pics (thanks to Den & Claire, and Gus for 1 or 2 of the pics), and some news.

    NEWS! - We've sold! Our home is to be somewhere new, which at the moment, is a piece of paper with lines all over it. Info here
    The exciting news since our last real update has been the wedding of Steve and Sarah Green, and the engagements of Duncan & Megan, and Gary & Gretel. Congrats all round! [more pics to come]

    24-May 2004

    broken resolution, but here's a taster...

    hi everyone. with work taking up 105% of our time for the beginning of the year, the site was left to go stale. In an attempt to get going, I present the first draft of what may be coming. As always, we're open to suggestions.


    New Years resolution: I will update the site more often...

    hi everyone. Happy New Year from the Pickfords. We've had an action packed year, which was fittingly brought to a relaxed end in Plettenberg Bay with great food and great friends. We got back to Cape Town on the 2nd of January and were able to attend the South African leg of the Lisa and Jean-Philippe Peignon wedding.

    Click on the pic above for pictures (and movies) from both Plett and the Wedding.
    Please excuse the layout! I'll get it sorted over the coming week.


    Pictures from our UK and France holiday are HERE.
    R.E.M. Concert, Brixton Academy HERE.

    more to come ...



    check this out!

    see if you can get to the end of this mind-based challenge and rescue the poor guy's planet. Click HERE (requires a bit of bandwidth...)



    what happened to winter?

    We finally got some rain for this poor excuse for a winter... However, Sunday was a peach, spent in the sun by the pool and braai at Gary's pad. Monday was back to business, and rain, then, SNOW.

    Let's not overdo it... Alistair.  The braai King. Too much travel makes Warren a lazy boy
    Steve & Sarah got engaged. A good day!

    and the bad weather returns!
    Simonsberg mountains! Monday rain and blues... Ceres.

    UK and France images still HERE.
    R.E.M. HERE.

    more to come ...



    onward and upward

    Check THIS out!!
    Jokes pages are up. More will follow as I get time, in the meantime, go and look if you enjoy a laugh. Follow the link at the top of all the pages.

    Added some info and pictures from the awesome R.E.M. concert that I (Ross) was able to attend with 2 of my South African friends while in the UK. The pictures etc. can be found HERE.

    Photos from our trip to UK and France are still HERE.

    what next ...



    Some site re-design at last

    Making small changes to the site again. Colour first, and a few layout changes. The Jokes pages are due for a HUGE fix, also look out for some new pages soon.

    Photos from our trip to UK and France are still HERE.

    more to come ...



    Back from Holiday :-(

    We have returned from a three week holiday in the UK and France. Awesome break! Pics can be found on this page
    I've also made a few changes to the site: most noticably no more frames, and new layout for the abovementioned holiday pics
    All previous news can now be found on the News and History page, which can be found HERE

    change is imminent ...



    Back from Holiday :-(

    We have returned from a three week break in the UK and France. Awesome break! Pics can be found at this page

    change is imminent ...



    Houston... It's beautiful!:

    We've arrived at www.rossandv.com - FINALLY! Should see some changes soon. Please e-mail us if there are broken links. I've endeavoured to ensure everything is correct, but you never know...

    stay tuned for the next exciting episode...



    Getting There:

    I've begun to make some very small changes to the site. The left frame is history. The top frame will be the main point of navigation from now on. The layout will probably change quite considerably in the coming weeks. People keep wanting to see where we live, so I'm working on a better page with pics of the flat, as well as the changes we've made since moving in. Thumbnails are next for the wedding and flat pics. Otherwise load times are pretty big if you use a modem.

    you are caller 42 in the queue...




    We've finally caught up with the internet age! We've registered our own domain and are in the process of finding a host for the site. Vanessa will hopefully have some input in the layout and content. We'll see how it goes.

    patience grasshopper...



    Re-designing space:

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my entire site. Simple is king. No more images, just clean text and a few nice fonts. Never did re-do the wedding pics, but they'll get there. Added online CV and further details about what I am and what I do will no doubt follow in time...

    more to come...



    Guess Who Got Married?? :

    Added a very basic 3-page layout of some of our wedding photo's. Will update them shortly with a) better scans, and b) better indexing and order etc...




    Small update:

    Just made some minor enhancement changes today. Main changes include allowing link pages to open in a new window, and updated jokes (+ 1 'archive')




    Since the last time:

    The jokes archive is building up well. About 300 now. They should be up and running by next week sometime. J.ello Report is up and running again which pleases me a lot. I was missing out on all my gadget programs.

    I've stumbled on a couple of fun sites such as UselessKnowledge.com and Puzz.com [removed 17/4/2002]. Mind twisters and useless facts to keep us all occupied.

    Till next time - chow



    About This Site

    This website is my attempt at putting my little toe into the big sea of web designers and users. No specific aim, style, or purpose is definite yet, but there will be a few constants:

    Laughter. Definitely the best medicine for this thing called life. I will attempt to build an archive of jokes out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of e-mail humour I've received over the past couple of years. I'll start small and build up as I go.

    Techie Stuff. Being a Developer (programmer to some), I'll try to feature some new tools, applications, games, utilities, screensavers, and more. Whatever I find.

    Links. What would a web page be without a links page. I will feature my favourites, requests can be sent to me, I'll do my best to find out what you need.

    Life. A small section about me, for those who care, or are just nosey!

    see you around somewhere

    - ross

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