Pickford Family

A bit about Ross and Vanessa

Who are we?

Ross Pickford

Ross is a musician at heart, but seeing how poorly this pays in this country, he is a software engineer [programmer] during the day.

He jests however; rather he loves technology, and being able to create within that space is a truly awesome way to spend a work day!
Unshackled from the corporate life, he is a part of Global Kinetic, a team of Microsoft specialists with a love for Sensible Programming.
Check us out at www.globalkinetic.com

Also check out his [now ex] band, Shy Guevaras [retired from active playing] at www.shyguevaras.co.za
The band has since taken a step out of the music scene but most of the members are still involved in the business in some for or another. More will follow in time no doubt.

Our CD is available at all Look & Listen stores, their website, our website, by calling me, or at www.rhythmrecords.co.za Look out for an accoustic EP coming someday

Vanessa Pickford

Vanessa is a registered nurse by profession, supermom and wife by day!
Currently running her new venture, Safe2Grow. An infant and child CPR and First aid training business aimed at parents and childcare providers.

Safe2Grow's website is available here.

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